Origami Owl Heart Locket

Holiday Locket from Origami Owl

Origami Owl has been well known for their stunning round lockets, but this winter, they have released a much-anticipated heart shaped locket that is just gorgeous! It took the company a year to finalize the design and begin manufacturing the locket, but it was certainly worth the wait!

The heart locket has an amazing 56 Austrian crystals (compared to the 39 crystals in the large round locket). It also has a perfectly placed hinge to open/close and includes 3 magnets to ensure that the locket stays securely closed. [Read more...]

Origami Owl Holiday Locket

Holiday Locket from Origami Owl

For this Christmas, how about a little red and green with some bling!!

One of my favorite Origami Owl lockets is this medium sized silver locket with crystals. It is one of the most popular lockets from Origami Owl and you can easily fit 4-5 charms inside. The lockets open and the charms can be changed at a moments notice!

The items in this picture include the Silver Medium locket with Crystals (LK1007) with a Candy Cane Charm (ch4014), a snowflake charm (ch1901), and a green and red stone (ch3005, ch1808).

If you would like to order your own Christmas locket, visit me and shop at www.shellygardner.origamiowl.com

Banana Ghosts

Banana Ghosts

Both Moms and kids are going to love this easy and healthy snack!

All you need are two ingredients: bananas and chocolate chips [Read more...]

Spiders on a Log for Halloween

Spiders on a Log for Halloween

Adding a twist onto the popular “ants on a log” snack, here is a creepy and crawly way to give your kids a healthy snack for the Halloween season.

You only need 3 items to create this cute snack: washed celery, organic peanut butter or almond butter and a bag of plastic spiders from your local craft store.

Simply spread organic peanut butter or almond butter onto sticks of celery and then arrange fake spiders onto the plate and celery sticks to make a fun and healthy Halloween treat!

Happy Halloween!!!

Origami Owl Love Necklace for Valentine’s Day

Love Necklace from Origami Owl

Many of you will be searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. Have you heard of Origami Owl?

It’s a new company that uses lockets and jewelry to tell a story and create a statement of who you are.

This Origami Owl pewter “Love” tag with a simple stone accent is a great way to tell a significant statement with such a simple word. Love.

If you would like to purchase this tagged necklace, or to see other inspirational tags, visit my Origami Owl website and search under the “tagged” tab.